Microsoft Reduces Prices Of Windows 8.1 Tablets Including Lenovo Miix 2, Dell Venue Pro 8

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The 32GB Dell Venue 8 will offer 4-6GB more practical storage to the users in terms of real storage use than the Nexus 7 device. The Nexus 7 with a higher resolution screen of 1,920 1,080 is ahead of the Venue Pro in terms of display quality. The Venue Pros screen however is around 1.1-inch larger than the Nexus tablet. All three of the tablets are powered by the Intel Bay Trail Z3740D chipset, which comes with integrated GPU and is praised for its performance across the Windows 8 range of tablets. A very interesting thing to note is that the last move from Microsoft lowers the price of Dell Venue Pro even below what Dell is offering it for. This clearly shows that the software giant is trying to build the brand of their Microsoft store. Intel too will be benefited from Microsofts decision of selling the tablets at such low prices to boost up faster adoption. The processor maker, which enjoys a very high margin from tablet chips, will earn more profit as more and more people buy such tech devices.
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Tablet Trends For 2014: More Windows Tablets, 3g/4g And Phablets

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Windows RT will continue to decline and is already below 1%. “Consumers don’t know what to make of Windows RT-based tablets,” IDC said. “All of Microsoft’s partners have abandoned the platform; only Microsoft’s Surface and Surface 2 and Nokia’s 2520 remain.” Tablets in general are becoming more capable and accepted in business settings, and the use of Windows in traditional PCs used in business will transfer to Windows tablets, IDC analyst Tom Mainelli said via email. IDC said the combined education and large business market will grow from 12% of the total tablets shipped in 2013 to 21.7% in 2017. As for cellular connections, IDG said 27.5% of tablets had 3G/4G connections in 2013; that number is expected to reach 34.7% in 2017. “In the U.S. market, carriers became much more aggressive in fourth quarter 2013, offering impressive savings on 4G-capable products,” Mainelli wrote in the recent report.
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Irl: The Ipad Air

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That’s why I leaped on the iPad Air when it launched this fall. In theory, it’s a large tablet that’s as nice to hold as more compact devices, including the iPad mini . But does it really defy the laws of physics? Almost. The Air isn’t quite weightless, but it’s still wonderfully compact and light. I have no problems holding the tablet while I’m reading a couple of book chapters or playing an involving game. I can even thumb type with it, which wasn’t realistically possible with previous full-size iPads.
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Iphone 5 And Ipad Mini To Have Exchangeable Batteries? – Tapscape

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iPhone 5 Apple Universal Removable Battery iPhone 5 and iPad Mini To Have Exchangeable Batteries?

Endgadget reports: As proposed, the technique would let Apple cut batteries fromlithium-polymeror similar materials into commonly sized packs that could then be swapped between devices, providing all the benefits of removable, rechargeable batteries with a longer lifespan than an old set of AAs. Batteries could have serviceable cores for when they finally give up the ghost, and computers could even alternate between charging the batteries (when plugged in) or using them to extend the runtime of MacBooks. Wed recommend against basing any purchasing strategy around Apples filing, though. The Cupertino team originally applied for the patent in 2010, and in turn broke out the technology from a patent it had filed in 2007 theres no guarantees Apple is still interested in replacing those disposables, let alone any sealed-in batteries. That wont stop us from yearning for the day when aMagic Mouselasts for more than a week of heavy use. Its funny that Apple is working on this technology considering one of the annoyances that people have with the iPhone 5 and other Apple devices is that you cant replace the battery yourself. Perhaps Apple does realize this and would like to make up for it in the future with this better battery system that would allow you to use batteries between devices. For now, all we can do is hope and wait for Apple to make this a reality. Would you welcome a universal removable battery system on your iOS devices?
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Eyefly 3d Debuts 3d Overlay For Ipad Air

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EyeFly 3D is a glasses-free 3D solution for personal screens, developed by researchers from Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore. While most videos out there aren’t compatible with the EyeFly 3D, the company provides free apps that can convert 2D videos and images to 3D. One of the improvements this year is the image converter. It is now easier to use, allowing you to simply scribble on the screen to select areas of the photo you want to “pop out”. For example, in the image below, the cross in red tells the app the face should be near, while the green crosses indicate the walls are in the background. Upon tapping preview, the app accurately made the head seem nearer, even though I didn’t color out the entire face. The new app makes it easier to create 3D photos from regular 2D versions.
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Sharp’s Igzo Display Tech: Think Ipad Mini — And Dell’s Xps 15

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Sharp at CES: The Japanese company was showing a 14-inch display with QHD+ (3,200x1,800) resolution.

While neither Sharp nor Apple will comment on the Mini Retina, analysts have pointed to Sharp as one of the principal suppliers of the IGZO display on the Apple tablet . “Sharp is still ramping up [IGZO] production,” said Paul Semenza, an analyst at DisplaySearch, in response to an e-mail query. “They have sold some panels for mobile phones but the main focus now is the iPad mini with Retina. We expect the production to increase significantly this year,” he said. But IGZO has its detractors. Apple’s Mini Retina was beaten handily by Amazon’s Kindle Fire HDX 7 in a display shoot-out by DisplayMate Technologies. Apple failed to deliver an adequate color range — referred to as color gamut — on the Mini Retina, according to Raymond Soneira, president of DisplayMate.
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Top 7 Most Optimized And Useful Apps For Android Tablets

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2 Top 7 Most Optimized And Useful Apps For Android Tablets

Pixlr Express Pixlr Express is one of the most popular photo editing applications. The app has many features such as: Adjustment (by this function you can make the necessary adjustments for your edited photograph) Effect (which you can add effects to superimpose a pleasant effect photo), Overlay (depending on which you can add various photo prints) Borders (has a large number of frames), stickers (this section was updated two months ago and have very interesting stickers), Type (holds a large number of writing fonts). You can download Pixlr Express from here . 6. Adobe Reader Useful for both students and also teachers. Adobe Reader is the official app for reading PDF documents.
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