Iphone 5 And Ipad Mini To Have Exchangeable Batteries? – Tapscape

After looking around this morning, this specific blurb caught our interest.

iPhone 5 Apple Universal Removable Battery iPhone 5 and iPad Mini To Have Exchangeable Batteries?

Endgadget reports: As proposed, the technique would let Apple cut batteries fromlithium-polymeror similar materials into commonly sized packs that could then be swapped between devices, providing all the benefits of removable, rechargeable batteries with a longer lifespan than an old set of AAs. Batteries could have serviceable cores for when they finally give up the ghost, and computers could even alternate between charging the batteries (when plugged in) or using them to extend the runtime of MacBooks. Wed recommend against basing any purchasing strategy around Apples filing, though. The Cupertino team originally applied for the patent in 2010, and in turn broke out the technology from a patent it had filed in 2007 theres no guarantees Apple is still interested in replacing those disposables, let alone any sealed-in batteries. That wont stop us from yearning for the day when aMagic Mouselasts for more than a week of heavy use. Its funny that Apple is working on this technology considering one of the annoyances that people have with the iPhone 5 and other Apple devices is that you cant replace the battery yourself. Perhaps Apple does realize this and would like to make up for it in the future with this better battery system that would allow you to use batteries between devices. For now, all we can do is hope and wait for Apple to make this a reality. Would you welcome a universal removable battery system on your iOS devices?
To get more detailed, see the main resource here: http://www.tapscape.com/iphone-5-and-ipad-mini-to-come-with-exchangeable-batteries/


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