Tablet Trends For 2014: More Windows Tablets, 3g/4g And Phablets

We had to do some work to gather this facts for you, as the day there does not seem to be much of it. It is here for you to read now.

Windows RT will continue to decline and is already below 1%. “Consumers don’t know what to make of Windows RT-based tablets,” IDC said. “All of Microsoft’s partners have abandoned the platform; only Microsoft’s Surface and Surface 2 and Nokia’s 2520 remain.” Tablets in general are becoming more capable and accepted in business settings, and the use of Windows in traditional PCs used in business will transfer to Windows tablets, IDC analyst Tom Mainelli said via email. IDC said the combined education and large business market will grow from 12% of the total tablets shipped in 2013 to 21.7% in 2017. As for cellular connections, IDG said 27.5% of tablets had 3G/4G connections in 2013; that number is expected to reach 34.7% in 2017. “In the U.S. market, carriers became much more aggressive in fourth quarter 2013, offering impressive savings on 4G-capable products,” Mainelli wrote in the recent report.
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