Hp Unveils First 64-bit Windows 8.1 Tablets With Intel Atom

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The tablet’s back can be opened up to replace the battery, display, webcam, system board and other components. Tablets are typically highly integrated and need to be replaced or sent back to a device maker for repairs, and the self-repair feature in the ElitePad 1000 G2 could save time and money. The tablet, which weighs 680 grams, has a battery life of 10 hours, according to HP’s measurements. It comes with 64GB or 128GB of storage. Other features include an 8-megapixel rear camera, 2.1-megapixel front camera, and USB 3.0 and micro-SD slots. Optional LTE connectivity is available with the tablet. Smart Jacket protective covers can add an additional battery and ports to the tablet.
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2 Months In: The Ipad Mini With Retina Display Is Close To The Perfect Tablet

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It makes the 7-inch tablets seem just a little small (the iPad Minis display has 35% more screen real estate) and the 10.1-inchers are great for watching movies, but just too big for schlepping around. Apples App Store still has a considerable lead over Google Play in apps that are optimized for tablet use, and not simply blown up smartphone software. Its also tougher to find accessories for Android tablets not that you cant, but there just arent as many products to choose from compared to the iPad aisle. I dont claim to have tried out every tablet out there or even a fraction of them but during the past few months Ive had models from Samsung, Kobo, Sony, Google and Microsoft to play with, along with a Nook and the full-sized iPad Air, so its been a pretty decent sampling. And I think the iPad Mini with Retina Display is just about perfect, at least for casual use. Apple has pulled off the balancing act of designing a tablet thats small enough to feel tiny when youre carrying it, yet it doesnt feel like a too-small compromise when you use it. Your mileage may vary but if I were going to recommend any tablet today, it would be this one.
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2 Months In: The Ipad Mini With Retina Display Is Close To The Perfect Tablet

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The one that I use almost exclusively these days is my Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display . As far as Im concerned, Apple has pretty much perfected the tablet with this device. I liked the original iPad Mini, but the relatively low resolution display was a turnoff, so I passed on it. Over Christmas, we ended up with an iPad Air (for my wife) and the Retina Display Mini (for me). Ive spent a lot of time using both, but after a few months of comparing the two, I definitely prefer the Mini. Why? Its a comfortable size and weight for holding in one hand (also much easier for kids to hold than a full-sized tablet) In portrait mode, its ideal for reading and text is so crisp that even on content-dense websites its easily readable Its just as fast the iPad Air and holds up against any of the new Android or Windows tablets Ive used Its a great size for gaming and when held landscape with two hands, both thumbs can still easily reach onscreen controls It gets great battery life What I dont use the iPad Mini with Retina Display (or any iPad) for is anything resembling work. The Windows tablets Ive spent time with are great for writing and research both the RT and Pro versions primarily because they support mouse input.
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Microsoft Lync App For Android Tablets Coming This June

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Part of its Applications and Services division, the Lync team has been working under the Skype team since 2012 and has been increasing its presence on mobile devices. Lync apps are already available for Android phones, iOS devices, Windows Phone, Mac and Windows. The latest destination is Android tablets, Microsoft officials have confirmed that Lync app for Android tablets is going to be released by the end of June 2014. Microsoft corporate VP Derek Burney confirmed that the app will make its way into the Google Play Store by June. The tablet app was to be demonstrated at the Lync Conference 2014 today in Las Vegas, the demonstration for over 2,000 attendees was to be conducted by Microsoft corporate VP Gurdeep Singh Pall. Officials tell ZDNet that the Lync app for Android will be seeded to select beta testers later this week.Lync has now joined the esteemed list of billion-dollar businesses under Microsoft, as since the previous quarter Lync has been on a $1 billion annual run rate.
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Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Vs. Ipad Mini: What’s The Best Tablet?

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These include a $25 Google Play credit, 3 free months of Hulu Plus, 50GB of Dropbox storage, and even Gogo Inflight Internet access, according to Samsung ‘s website. iPad Mini customers recently had a chance to get $75-$100 gift cards during the holidays, but that promo seems to have ended, making the Tab Pro even more appealing. 5. Final Thoughts (Getty) Samsung says the Tab Pro 8.4 can offer users up to 10 hours of Internet time, which is roughly comparable to the iPad Mini. These devices are pretty evenly matched when it comes to battery life, size, and price. However, there is a lot to be said for the Tab Pro 8.4’s superior multi-tasking abilities, camera specs, and perks package.
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Ipad Air 2, Ipad 6 Rumors Claim Walmart Deal Indicates Earlier Release Date

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iPad Air 2, iPad 6 Rumors Claim Walmart Deal Indicates Earlier Release Date

Of course, its only a 30-day deal from Walmart so its likely the iPad 2 price drop is simply a marketing promotion and has nothing to do with Apple. After all, the iPad 2 was released in 2011 and is unlikely to affect the sales of a much newer iPad Air In a related report by The Inquisitr, rumors about an iPad Pro claim Apple will make a tablet/noteboard hybrid that runs Mac OS X . The idea is to break into the business market and compete against the Microsoft Surface 2 . So what do we actually know about the iPad Air 2? Apple has slowly been straying away from naming their iPad releases after numbers. For example, instead of releasing an iPad 5 they released an iPad Air.
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Ipad Air Vs. Mini And Nexus 7 For Water Damage

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iPad Air vs. Mini and Nexus 7 for water damage

Dunking these gadgets in water is one way to see how quickly they pack up, but it also gives potential consumers some insight into some of the situations owners can find their devices in. This is where a top ten list of tablets and smartphones have been put through the test and an article on The Telegraph gives us reason to believe the iPad Mini is the highest in regards to the most breakable gadget. Apple products do not fare too well in the water damage test as the iPad Air comes a close second, while the Nexus 7.1 came third then the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, with the Nexus 7.2 coming in as the most resilient of the bunch. With Apple products dominating in the area of most breakable gadgets the aforementioned site also dropped these devices onto the concrete from a set height and it seems that Apple products are more fragile and easier to damage in an accident than the various other counterparts. In their list of the most fragile devices the iPad Mini was at the top with the iPad Air in third and the iPhone 5c coming in at fifth position, while the more expensive iPhone 5s seems to be a bit more robust in eighth place. Out of all the tablets and smartphones used in these experiments Apple products seem to feature more prominently, so we would like to know if these tests have any bearing when it comes to choosing your next tablet or smartphone?
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