Sine Mora For Android Update Adds Support For Nexus 10, Newer Samsung Tablets

Right now there is an abundance of data from the most recent consumer trade shows, it’s hard to get important data with the existing flood. We think the following post kind of cuts via the noise & provides us quite a few advantageous news details.

Although it might seem minor, the latest update is very important for Android tablet owners. According to developers, the new version of Sine Mora is now compatible with Nexus 10 tablets, as well as newer Samsung slates that were not supported by the game. Aside from the addition of these new devices on the supported list of smartphones and tablets, Sine Mora developers confirmed that the update includes a certain number of bug fixes. However, no details have been provided on these bug fixes, so we must assume they are only minor ones meant to slightly improve gameplay experience. You can now download Sine Mora for Android 1.27 for $5.49 / 4.99 via Google Play Store. Keep in mind that the game should be fully compatible with most devices powered by Android 2.3.3 and up.
For more, take a look at the primary resource on this page:


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