Ipad Air Vs. Mini And Nexus 7 For Water Damage

Is this worth a read? I’m not positive if this article will have the data that you are trying to find.

iPad Air vs. Mini and Nexus 7 for water damage

Dunking these gadgets in water is one way to see how quickly they pack up, but it also gives potential consumers some insight into some of the situations owners can find their devices in. This is where a top ten list of tablets and smartphones have been put through the test and an article on The Telegraph gives us reason to believe the iPad Mini is the highest in regards to the most breakable gadget. Apple products do not fare too well in the water damage test as the iPad Air comes a close second, while the Nexus 7.1 came third then the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, with the Nexus 7.2 coming in as the most resilient of the bunch. With Apple products dominating in the area of most breakable gadgets the aforementioned site also dropped these devices onto the concrete from a set height and it seems that Apple products are more fragile and easier to damage in an accident than the various other counterparts. In their list of the most fragile devices the iPad Mini was at the top with the iPad Air in third and the iPhone 5c coming in at fifth position, while the more expensive iPhone 5s seems to be a bit more robust in eighth place. Out of all the tablets and smartphones used in these experiments Apple products seem to feature more prominently, so we would like to know if these tests have any bearing when it comes to choosing your next tablet or smartphone?
Originally spotted at: http://www.product-reviews.net/2014/02/11/ipad-air-vs-mini-and-nexus-7-for-water-damage/


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