Microsoft Lync App For Android Tablets Coming This June

It’s my opinion that every moment is a chance to learn something. Here is some news that we were able to gather for today:

Part of its Applications and Services division, the Lync team has been working under the Skype team since 2012 and has been increasing its presence on mobile devices. Lync apps are already available for Android phones, iOS devices, Windows Phone, Mac and Windows. The latest destination is Android tablets, Microsoft officials have confirmed that Lync app for Android tablets is going to be released by the end of June 2014. Microsoft corporate VP Derek Burney confirmed that the app will make its way into the Google Play Store by June. The tablet app was to be demonstrated at the Lync Conference 2014 today in Las Vegas, the demonstration for over 2,000 attendees was to be conducted by Microsoft corporate VP Gurdeep Singh Pall. Officials tell ZDNet that the Lync app for Android will be seeded to select beta testers later this week.Lync has now joined the esteemed list of billion-dollar businesses under Microsoft, as since the previous quarter Lync has been on a $1 billion annual run rate.
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