2 Months In: The Ipad Mini With Retina Display Is Close To The Perfect Tablet

I find it’s vital to never take any details for granted, there is continually something to learn. This point is thoroughly verified by the following;

The one that I use almost exclusively these days is my Apple iPad Mini with Retina Display . As far as Im concerned, Apple has pretty much perfected the tablet with this device. I liked the original iPad Mini, but the relatively low resolution display was a turnoff, so I passed on it. Over Christmas, we ended up with an iPad Air (for my wife) and the Retina Display Mini (for me). Ive spent a lot of time using both, but after a few months of comparing the two, I definitely prefer the Mini. Why? Its a comfortable size and weight for holding in one hand (also much easier for kids to hold than a full-sized tablet) In portrait mode, its ideal for reading and text is so crisp that even on content-dense websites its easily readable Its just as fast the iPad Air and holds up against any of the new Android or Windows tablets Ive used Its a great size for gaming and when held landscape with two hands, both thumbs can still easily reach onscreen controls It gets great battery life What I dont use the iPad Mini with Retina Display (or any iPad) for is anything resembling work. The Windows tablets Ive spent time with are great for writing and research both the RT and Pro versions primarily because they support mouse input.
Anyone can easily learn a lot more starting from the original resource at http://geekdad.com/2014/02/ipad-mini-close-to-the-perfect/


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