2 Months In: The Ipad Mini With Retina Display Is Close To The Perfect Tablet

We had to do a number of work to gather this facts for you, as the day there doesn’t seem to be much of it. Inspect a brief snippet beneath.

It makes the 7-inch tablets seem just a little small (the iPad Minis display has 35% more screen real estate) and the 10.1-inchers are great for watching movies, but just too big for schlepping around. Apples App Store still has a considerable lead over Google Play in apps that are optimized for tablet use, and not simply blown up smartphone software. Its also tougher to find accessories for Android tablets not that you cant, but there just arent as many products to choose from compared to the iPad aisle. I dont claim to have tried out every tablet out there or even a fraction of them but during the past few months Ive had models from Samsung, Kobo, Sony, Google and Microsoft to play with, along with a Nook and the full-sized iPad Air, so its been a pretty decent sampling. And I think the iPad Mini with Retina Display is just about perfect, at least for casual use. Apple has pulled off the balancing act of designing a tablet thats small enough to feel tiny when youre carrying it, yet it doesnt feel like a too-small compromise when you use it. Your mileage may vary but if I were going to recommend any tablet today, it would be this one.
Initially spotted at: http://geekdad.com/2014/02/ipad-mini-close-to-the-perfect/


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