Ipad Air Review: Apple’s Sleek, Fast, Amazingly Lightweight Tablet

I think this might be excellent. Let’s hope we are right and this really is beneficial to read.

The iPad Air is a one-handed device, a portable computing device that really is portable in a way that seemed impossible a few years ago. Having used the iPad Air every day for three months, with an iPad 3 and an iPad 4 knocking around in the background, we now acknowledge that our standards have been altered. We didn’t think the iPad 3 and 4 were heavy; but they feel heavy now. That seems obvious, but it bears repeating: as with the Retina display, you won’t realise you need a slimmer iPad until you try one out. The iPad Air still isn’t the lightest handheld computing device around – achieving that while offering the same versatile computing experience would be impossible – but the Air is light enough to be a realistic contender in fields where the iPad 4’s weight counted against it. The Air is a trim little e-reader that you can happily tote in one hand for long chapters at a time, challenging Kindles and iPad minis as reading devices.
For more, look at the primary reference on this page: http://www.macworld.co.uk/review/ipad/ipad-air-review-apple-lightweight-tablet-3473001/


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