Surface 2 With Lte Vs Ipad Air: What’s The Better 4g Deal?

At a few point we all suffer from information overload, & because of this we can miss important news trends. This really is many information that might be useful. You could read it now.

We put similar configurations of the two slates head to head in order to find out. Putting aside the app ecosystems and designs, we just looked at price. Microsoft’s 4G LTE Surface 2 costs $679 and packs 64GB of storage. The Microsoft slate is significantly cheaper than the 64GB model of Apple’s LTE-enabled iPad Air, which sells for $829. Both devices are available without a contract, leaving you free to purchase however much data you need. MORE: Face-Off: Apple iPad Air vs. Microsoft Surface 2 Despite being the cheaper device, the AT&T-compatible Surface 2 only gives you one choice of carrier.
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