Techradar Deals: Ipad Mini For £199 And 55% Off A Sony Bluetooth Speaker

Quite often you genuinely need to simplify when in search of relevant information in a sea of clutter. We think the following feature sort of cuts via the noise & offers us several useful news details.

Sony Bluetooth Portable Speaker

Sure, it may not be the very latest model but who needs a Retina screen anyway? It’s pretty difficult to find one of these from a major retailer for under 249 and as this deal is from Asda you get a full 28 day return policy, in the unlikely event that you change your mind. So, peace of mind and a piece of 7.9-inch Apple goodness for 50 less than anywhere else? Yes please. Next up, as summer (dare we say it) approaches this deal is the perfect way to play music amongst friends in style (and so you can actually hear it). Sony Bluetooth Portable Speaker This Sony Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker connects to your bluetooth-enabled phone or tablet and can be blasting out your tunes for up to 10 hours.
Look at the first version counting any kind of supplementary visuals or video by visiting


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