Archos’ New Droidbook Could Be Android Tablet Or Laptop, Aimed At Education

This usually something to understand and new an exciting development about which we were not aware before. Here is a few news that we were able to gather for today:

Mysterious Archos DroidBOOK is uncovered in documents (click to see full pic)

But it appears the French device manufacturer is concentrating its efforts into bringing another kiddie slate/notebook into the world. According to some official documents found in the European Union office of trademark and patents, the company is soliciting approval for a product called DroidBOOK that has been filled under the electronic and scientific devices. Currently, theres no information detailing what specifications are going to be found inside the tablet or any pictures of the device, for that matter, so well have to speculate based on what the filling tells us. Apparently, the DroidBOOK belongs to a class of Audiovisual teaching apparatus for the broadcasting, recording and reproduction of sound or images. From this we can draw the conclusion the upcoming device will be launched for education. Considering the name, Archos DroidBook could prove to be either tablet or a notebook running Android and will probably come pre-installed with dedicated educational software. If this is indeed a notebook, it will be the first ever to come out of Archos. It will have another plus point, judging by the fact there aren’t a whole lot of laptops running Android on the market. In case were dealing with a tablet, the DroidBOOK could prove to be a re-interpretation of the Intel Classmate, complete with a detachable keyboard dock. I’ll update you when more information about the product becomes available.
I discovered this really interesting excellent news report on


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