Kensington Keycover For Ipad Air: Keyboard That’s Skinny And Light (hands On)

Today is a rather dull day on the news front, it’s all we’ve for you is the following blurb. See it independently

Kensington KeyCover keyboard

Oddly, the most useful indicator is the Caps Lock LED, which is not visible during operation as the iPad Air blocks it. The iPad Air can be used in either landscape or portrait modes by inserting it in the slot next to the top row of keys. The tablet is held securely by magnets in the slot; in fact, the entire unit can be lifted by the iPad Air. Removing the tablet is as simple as tilting it forward, which breaks the magnetic connection. Kensington KeyCover keyboard (Image: James Kendrick/ZDNet) The KeyCover has six rows of keys, and while spacing it tight, fast touch typing is possible with a little practice. Both the Enter and two Shift keys are bigger than the others, making them easy to hit. The four arrow keys are small, but come in handy when moving around documents.
The full document on which this cited segment was actually based is found at


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