Microsoft Is About To Release Its Most Important Product In Years

Something to look forward to? I’m not certain if this report will have the facts that you’re attempting to find.

Satya Nadella Microsoft CEO

You think you need Office. In no way do you need Office. Not even to open files.” Is it possible that Microsoft could design a new iPad-friendly version of Office that saves the franchise? “I find it pretty difficult to imagine that,” says Rabois. On Thursday, we’ll find out if Rabois is right or wrong. Microsoft is holding a press briefing in San Francisco that it says is “focused on the intersection of cloud and mobile computing.” Microsoft Satya Nadella At the event, new CEO Satya Nadella will unveil Office for the iPad. We’ll probably also see Office for Android and touch-based Windows devices. He’ll also lay out his vision for the future of the Office line at Microsoft. Despite Microsoft’s best efforts, iPhones and iPads have worked their way into corporate buying departments. The iPad is 91% of all enterprise tablets, according to mobile-security firm Good Technology .
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