Ipad Air 2, 12-inch Macbook, Apple ‘phablet’ Coming, Says Kgi Analyst – Cnet

I located this today & thought it might be applicable.

Kuo believes the Air 2 will launch earlier this year than last year’s launch of the first-gen Air, premiered in November. Forecast to arrive in Q3 (third quarter). Little is known about the A8 processor, but it would be logical to expect that Apple will take its “desktop-class” 64-bit computing strategy to the next level with the A8. A report this week from JP Morgan said the A8 processor may surpass Intel’s power-efficient Core i5 processors in performance. Related stories Apple iWatch rumors: Two sizes, more than $1K, flexible display iPad Mini Retina: The iPad Mini Retina will be slimmed down a bit, to the same size and weight as the original iPad Mini. The Mini Retina has seen slow sales, which Kuo attributes to the fact that it is slightly larger and heavier than the first-gen Mini because of the Retina display. (Note that price likely has something to do with slow sales too, as the entry Retina model was priced at $399 versus the first-gen Mini’s $329.) Forecast to arrive in Q3. 12.9-inch iPad: A large iPad will be targeted at entertainment and productivity (aka, professionals).
Noted from: http://www.cnet.com/news/ipad-air-2-12-inch-macbook-5-5-inch-iphone-6-coming-says-kgi-analyst/


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