Belkin’s Qode Thin Type Keyboard Case For Ipad Air | Apple News, Reviews And How-to’s Since 2004

While there is nothing new below the sun, there’s always something new to learn each day. I don’t know if you’ll find your precious details in the piece below, nevertheless it’s worth a look.

Three and a half stars

While we still haven’t been able to compare it to the current generation of Logitech’s similar Ultrathin Keyboard Cover (also $99.99), we were able to give Belkin’s new thin keyboard a workout. How did it fare? Read on! Specifications Dimensions: 6.6 inches wide x 9.4 inches tall (169.5 mm x 240 mm). Thickness varies from .16 inches (4 mm) over most of the keyboard to a maximum of .39 inches (10 mm). Weight: 12.6 ounces (357.2 grams) Materials: Aluminum and polycarbonate Estimated battery life: 79 hours active, 3100 hours standby Charging cable: USB to micro-USB (included) Design Highlights When looking at the keyboard, the QODE Thin Type Keyboard Case is surprisingly similar in looks to the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover in that there is a horizontal slot above the keys where the iPad Air is placed. There’s also a hinged piece that connects the Keyboard Case magnetically to the iPad Air as a cover (the magnets are in the iPad Air, of course).
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