5 Confirmed Ipad Air 2, Ipad Mini 3 Specs & Features On Q3 2014 Release Date – International Business Times

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Coming out of the box with the Air 2 and Mini 3 are the five specs and features below that Kuo believes are virtually confirmed, pointing to his credible supply chain sources in Asia: A8 CPU The iPhone 6 will flex its muscles powered by the 64-bit A8 processing chip and the same powerhouse will fire up both the Air 2 and the Mini 3, Kuo reported. The jump from A7 chip architecture is almost automatic, he added, and should deliver the following benefits – better overall performance, enhanced graphic rendering and more efficient device energy use. iOS 8 Apple devices, at least most of them, now stand on iOS 7.1 and its unimaginable that the same mobile platform will animate the 2014 batch. So Apple fans are counting on the arrival of iOS 8 with the latest iPads and according to experts, the same software will be previewed at the 2014 WWDC in June. Working with A8 chip, iOS 8 will be responsible for high-octane mobile computing, better stability and device security in the upcoming iPads. 8MP sensor plus killer cam features Both the iPad Air 2 and the iPad Mini 3 will be the scaled up iPhone versions in terms of camera shooting capabilities, Kuo predicted.
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New Macbook Pro With 12 Inch Display, Apple Ipad Air 2, And ‘phablet’ To Be Released?, Ecumenical News

The little known A8 processor is expected to bring 64 bit computing strategy to the next level and could exceed Intel’s Core i5 processors in performance. We could see a slimmer iPad Mini Retina, perhaps about the same size and weight as the original iPad Mini. The Mini Retina slow sales has been blamed on I being slightly larger and heavier than the first-gen Mini because of the Retina display. Price has also been a factor. The entry Retina model was priced at $399 against the first-gen Mini’s $329. The large iPad will be targeted at professionals who have been demanding a better entertainment and productivity tool. Kuo again said the product likely won’t make it to the market until 2015.
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Solid Source Details Apple’s Next-gen Ipad Air And Retina Ipad Mini – Yahoo News

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The third quarter is apparently when the action will really start though, and a new report from one of the most reputable sources in the business seemingly reveals key details about Apples next-generation iPad Air and iPad mini tablets. In a research note sent to clients early Thursday morning and later picked up by MacRumors, noted KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo revealed what may be everything there is to know about Apples next-generation iPad Air and Retina iPad mini tablets. According to the report, Apples second-generation iPad Air model will be a relatively minor upgrade that features the same design as the current model, for the most part. Key additions include a Touch ID fingerprint scanner embedded in the home button, an upgraded camera and a new A8 processor. Similarly, Kuo claimed that the new iPad mini with Retina display will be largely the same as the current model, but with a new A8 chipset and a Touch ID scanner. We think the upgraded iPad Air will be launched earlier in 2014 than the iPad Air was in 2013.
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Ipad Air 2, 12-inch Macbook, Apple ‘phablet’ Coming, Says Kgi Analyst – Cnet

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Kuo believes the Air 2 will launch earlier this year than last year’s launch of the first-gen Air, premiered in November. Forecast to arrive in Q3 (third quarter). Little is known about the A8 processor, but it would be logical to expect that Apple will take its “desktop-class” 64-bit computing strategy to the next level with the A8. A report this week from JP Morgan said the A8 processor may surpass Intel’s power-efficient Core i5 processors in performance. Related stories Apple iWatch rumors: Two sizes, more than $1K, flexible display iPad Mini Retina: The iPad Mini Retina will be slimmed down a bit, to the same size and weight as the original iPad Mini. The Mini Retina has seen slow sales, which Kuo attributes to the fact that it is slightly larger and heavier than the first-gen Mini because of the Retina display. (Note that price likely has something to do with slow sales too, as the entry Retina model was priced at $399 versus the first-gen Mini’s $329.) Forecast to arrive in Q3. 12.9-inch iPad: A large iPad will be targeted at entertainment and productivity (aka, professionals).
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Iphone 6, Ipad Air 2 On 2014 Release Date Will Feature Advanced Ram, Longer Battery Hours & Perceptive Touchscreen – International Business Times

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"In 2012, Apple reportedly placed a massive order that consumed over half of Elpida's memory chip production," said the analyst. So from the Elpida DDR3 RAMs that came with the iPhone 5S, iPad Air and the Retina iPad Mini, the 2014 refreshes will showcase the LPDDR4 versions from Elpida, Margolis concluded, adding that performance boost will surely attend the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2. A third iPad Mini remains is question as KGI Securities analyst Ming-chi Kuo had earlier predicted that the smaller iOS tablet will likely skip 2014 as Apple trains its focus on the reinvigorated original 9.7-inch iPad. Among the notable upgrades that LPDDR4 will deliver with the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2 is higher and faster memory provisions, complementing the expected arrival of 64-bit A8 processing chips on the upcoming products. From the mere 1GB found on the iPhone 5S and the two latest iPads, the fresh iterations could tap on up to 2GB, which according to experts will suit better with the forward-looking 64-bit mobile computing architecture that Apple had introduced in late 2013. Also, Micron's Elpida DDR4 will bring to the table the following notable benefits for iPhone and iPad users alike, per Margolis' blog: 10 hours of active tablet use with a 11.5 Ah battery 8 hours extensive phone with a 1.4 Ah battery 10+ days of standby time for iPhones 2+ week of standby time for iPads Power Neutrality Twice the speed of bandwidth performance Outside of Margolis's forecast, the 2014 iPhones and iPads would also show off what an Apple Insider report described as perceptive touchscreen technology, which is based in an Apple patent filing that dates back in 2012. The tech giant envisions the use of frustrated total internal reflection (FTIR) with existing touch screen technology that will "give an accurate reading of force applied to a (mobile) device screen." The bottom line is, "Apple's newly revealed touchscreen technology concept allows users to accurately convey force applied to a touch surface without bulky physical hardware," ensuring that the next-gen iPhones and iPads bear the most powerful specs and features available with killer designs that are essentially slim and light, added Apple Insider. <br>Sourced from: <a href='http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/546928/20140407/iphone-6-ipad-air-2-release-date.htm&#039; rel='nofollow'>http://au.ibtimes.com/articles/546928/20140407/iphone-6-ipad-air-2-release-date.htm</a&gt;

Japan-, Korea-based Vendors Increase Odm Orders For 8- To 10-inch Windows Tablets

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Windows tablets growing popular in Japan and Korea

The fierce price competition in the 7-inch tablet market and the gradually saturated tablet demand are driving Japan- and Korea-based vendors to seek to rely more on product differentiation. In addition to strong demand from the enterprise market, 8- to 10-inch Windows tablets also enjoying good sales in Japan’s consumer market, thanks to a popular Flash-based online game, the sources noted. The online game has helped raise Windows devices’ share of total tablet sales in Japan to 15% from 3% previously, the sources said. Among the 195 million tablets sold worldwide in 2013, Android accounted for 121 million units, or 62% of the total volume; iOS 70.4 million units (around 36%); and Microsoft 4.03 million units (2%), according to Gartner’s figures. Windows tablets becoming popular in Japan and Korea Photo: Michael Lee, Digitimes file photo Taiwan 2600MHz frequency release plan objected by WiMAX operators Mobile + telecom | 27min ago Worldwide software market grew 4.8% in 2013, says Gartner IT + CE | 49min ago 3D printing market to grow to US$16.2 billion in 2018, says Canalys IT + CE | 1h 1min ago Lextar to debut white chip LED featuring substrate-free flip chip and phosphor molding process LED | 1h 22min ago Huawei Technologies 2013 revenues up 8.55% on year Before Going to Press | Mar 31, 21:39 Pause
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Where Are The Amd Tablets?

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When the Z-60 came out, it was “wait for Temash”. Now that Temash is out, about, and garnering very little design win traction, AMD has been talking up its successor SoC for tablets code-named Mullins. Mullins apparently features an updated CPU core (probably with more aggressive Turbo) and at the system-on-a-chip level manages to bring power down. This may be as a result of removing some of the I/Os that are PC-use only (similar to what Intel did with Bay Trail-T versus Bay Trail-M) as well as some architectural optimizations and enhancements. Only time will tell whether Mullins can finally find its way in competitive Windows-based tablets, but by then AMD will be contending with Intel’s next-generation Cherry Trail . Foolish bottom line While AMD has talked a big game, particularly around tablets, it simply has yet to deliver the goods in terms of the right product (AMD’s current tablet offerings are missing several key IP blocks for tablets such as a dedicated image signal processor) at the right time in the right designs. And even if AMD sorts its product story out, the right chip is only just the beginning in this highly competitive, cutthroat industry. It is a necessary, but insufficient, condition to long-term business success. Are you ready for this $14.4 trillion revolution?
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